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2DCOS-XII will be run by using basically only cloud contributions of pre-recorded presentations.
The Organizing Committee will establish the cloud depository space for presentations. We will also create a shared text panel, where we can leave questions and comments.
The access to the pre-recorded presentations is available now on shared folder. It will remain open till August 25.
If you need to access a shared folder, please contact us by e-mail: 2dcos12@kangwon.ac.kr.

We will make the Zoom participation on August 17 and 18, which is in the same format as in 2DCOS-XI.
Anyone who may have a schedule conflict can still participate in the discussion via open text exchange.

Considering the international nature of the symposium, we may have to schedule them during the evenings in Asia. That will put the eastern part of the U.S. in the morning, the western regions in Canada and U.S. unfortunately very early in the morning, and Europe around comfortable daytime period.

You can download the Program at a Glance here.
You can also download the Abstract Book of 2DCOS-XII here.